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What do we eat if we don't eat meat? The NOMAD Beginners Guide to eating with No Meat And Dairy.

The authors have been "Nomads" (No meat and dairy) for many years and can vouch for this lovely choice personally.

The first book came about as friends asked how it was done and what did we actually eat. So, the book was written especially to answer all the obvious questions and to explain how to make the change simply, quickly and easily.

Unlike conventional vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, this is a true beginners guide, covering every aspect of the manageable changes you may decide to make. It explains how to use quick convenience foods and how to do it from scratch. It inspires you with tastes from great British classics through to Italian, Caribbean, Indian and Arabic delights. It even saves you money by swapping expensive meat products for tempting alternatives.

The handy, spiral-bound book is packed with invaluable information and exciting recipe ideas. It's not an expensive production and it doesn't contain juicy colour photos. It just chats away in friendly fashion, explaining what to buy to replace your staple diet with gorgeous Nomad goodies. It shows you how to look after your body better and help address chronic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, asthma, eczema, food allergies, high blood pressure and weight problems.

The recipes have been tested and tasted by many meat-eaters who say they often prefer the Nomad version and that it's a lot more satisfying than they expected!

The book is also food for thought. It brings the welcome peace of mind, knowing your choices help change the world for our animals too. NOMADS think differently and it just couldn't be easier to give it a go.


A natural follow-on to the Nomad Beginners Guide, the Christmas and New Year Guide offers 40 festive recipes all containing no meat, fish or dairy products. Try tempting delicacies from bite sized tartlets to Christmas Dinner of savoury roasts with all the trimmings. Then welcome the New Year with party fayre to share with friends.

When this book featured on BBC radio, the presenters tucked into a feast of festive veggie delights which made for many a mirthful mouthful live on air, including this little gem - "This is even better than the banquet we had at my cousin's wedding." As the 'cousin' turned out to be Sir Paul McCartney.......praise indeed!



ISBN 0-9536463-2-7 and ISBN 0-9536463-4-3