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Just for Today

Just for Today contains 120 tear-out tickets, each offering a simple thought for your day. It aims to inspire you to a deeper level of understanding and compassion for yourself and others. Your given ticket will be exactly suited to your needs in the moment thanks to the loving synchronicity of our beautiful and perfect universe.

Now in its sixth edition, Just for Today is enjoying international success, thanks to the whispers from heart to heart. Although it was originally classified as a Mind, Body, Spirit book, it has gone on to be welcomed by a much wider, mainstream readership. Lovely stories filter back to us about how the book is used not just by countless individuals for their personal and spiritual development but also in large and small companies, even one world-famous football club, where it begins each day on an inspirational note. Just for Today helps focus a peaceable energy for healing circles, 12-step meetings, prayer and meditation groups. Hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes say patients and nurses find it comforting and reassuring. In fact, it seems to be at home with all of us who appreciate a little manageable guidance along the way.

Quotations from your letters

  • "I felt a need for something to affirm to. Lo and behold, I saw your book and it is a joy to work with everyday."
  • "A source of inspiration for many years to come."
  • "I have not been aware of such synchronicity before."
  • "All the luck in the world with this beautiful little invention. I'm sure it will inspire people all over."
  • "...thought provoking, comforting, sensible, a commentary on life. Amazingly relevant..."



ISBN 0-9536463-1-9