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I Know You CD

Drift into moments of absolute stillness as you hear peaceful extracts from the poetry collection "I Know You" read by the author Alice Bergin. This expressive compilation is accompanied by original music composed especially by Jeff Hill along with classical performances of distinction, kindly licensed by EMI Records Ltd. Emotive in mood, the CD offers 19 meditative tracks to comfort your mind and soothe your spirit, creating inner calm.

What people are saying about the CD

  • "Breath-takingly gentle..."
  • "It's amazing how the words fit the music as if it was always meant to be that way."
  • "The most original and creative CD I've ever had the pleasure of hearing."
  • "It made me melt away, then breathe again."
  • "Your CD has been a Godsend to my friend during his illness. It gives him peace and tranquility."
  • "A masterpiece."

Listen to tracks from the CD

As a little taster, here are two tracks from the CD for you to listen to. Just click the links below to download the tracks.


Angel of Passing