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I Love You book in a box.

I Love You
Messages of love to share from your heart

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I Love You is a brand new book-in-a-box presenting 250 meaningful thoughts all beginning "I Love You"...

Because the pages are unbound, they are free to fly wherever they are needed.
Keep them, share them, use them generously to deepen your loving relationships, especially the one you have with yourself.

Here's a little preview of the kind of thoughts to expect...

  • I Love You. When I look for love, I will find it. When I become love, it finds me.
  • I Love You. I listen well enough to learn something new about you every day.
  • I Love You. Let's make memories today.

This beautiful I Love You gift box is individually handmade by specialist printers and is offered in a numbered, Limited Edition.



ISBN 0-9536463-7-8