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I Know You book

I Know You is classically hand bound, gold embossed and detailed with a beautifully faceted star - a feature perfected especially for this book by specialist printers. The pages are illustrated with original full colour photographs; studies in nature, taken by the author. Over the years, we have received such touching feedback about the myriad ways it has touched people's lives and hearts. It has been part of weddings and thanksgiving services, it's a bedside favourite, and so many tell us they have at least one particular reading that speaks straight to their soul. The CD version was a natural progression and now we hear that this brings a profound sense of peace.

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A few of your comments about 'I Know You'

  • "When I look at this book, I feel so still, I forget to breathe."
  • "I Know You seems to radiate an energy all of its own."
  • "It's written with such love and understanding."
  • "Beautifully photographed, wonderfully written...distilled essence of life."



ISBN 0-9536463-0-0