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I am you pocket book.

I am you

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This first edition, published in May 2013, is a hardback pocket book, with a spiritually calming thought on each page.

It speaks directly to your heart in short, manageable messages to help you experience the peaceful presence of simply being who you really are.

Some extracts from the book

I am you
I find you wherever you are,
no matter how far you may think you have strayed.
I find you in your darkness and in your light,
I find you in your turmoil and in your peace.
I find you because you can never be lost to me.

I am you
The heart knows me long before the mind.
Breathe peace to your own heart
and so shall your peace be in all things. Resonant.
I know you,
I love you,
I am you.

I am you
The sky is who you are.
The earth is who you are.
The air you breathe is who you are.
There is no object of your looking.
You are looking at yourself which is the I Am.

Some of the feedback received about I am you.

"Simple, beautiful, easily understood, spiritually engaging."

"I felt like I entered a bubble of peace."

"Ive worked with Just for Today for years. The new book is like that a treasure that touches you so gently. Whichever page you open is just right for that day."

"Full of grace."

I am you
©copyright Alice Bergin 2013
ISBN 978-0-9536463-8-8