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A very warm welcome to you.

Our story begins in 1997 with an "irresistible little book" called Just For Today. Now in its sixth edition, it simplifies profound spiritual wisdom with an intriguingly happy knack of offering just the right, inspirational thought at just the right moment. It can transform your life, one day at a time.

Next came I Know You, described as "the most beautiful spiritual book you will ever own". Thanks to a BBC interview in Liverpool (where else?), the next idea was to set the writing to music and I Know You, the CD version was born. Two fun cookbooks came next, making it easy to convert to vegetarian eating.

I Love You was issued in 2010. This book-in-a-box contains 250 original "I Love You" messages to keep, to share and to bless your life and relationships.

I am you is new for 2013. In hardback limited edition, this neat pocket book offers over 130 individual messages to help you experience the peaceful presence of simply being who you really are.

I wish you peace and sanctuary here with the Angels. The inspiration is all theirs. The joy of discovery is my pleasure to share with you.

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